Bituminous waterproofing compound.
Where to use:
Smoothing compound in water emulsion consisting of special bitumen and synthetic resins that, applied according to the procedure described below, create a waterproof and resistant barrier to the residual moisture of the screeds. For the execution of waterproof levelling compounds, used for the installation of resilient flooring and carpets on wet screeds (maximum residual humidity 3%), the following procedure is recommended:
• Apply a coat of Plastimul 3 on the substrate (1-2 mm) and leave it to dry completely.
• Apply a second layer consisting of a mix of Pianocem G or Pianocem M in which the same quantity by weight of Plastimul 3 is mixed.
• Finish the smoothing with another coat of Pianocem M or Pianocem F admixed with Livigum or Planicrete (2 kg per each bag of Pianocem).
• Plastimul 3 can be used as a primer or leveller (with Pianocem) on old ceramic flooring, terrazzo tiles, etc.
1.4 kg/mm/m2.
25 kg tubs.

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