Natural cellulosic polymer in liquid form for drilling and mechanized tunnelling

Where to use
By adding Viscofluid Jet, a slurry with a small amount of solids can be easily prepared, characterized by highly cohesive properties. Such a slurry is able to permeate the first centimetres of the face, thus stabilizing the excavation front.
Viscofluid Jet is particularly suitable for improving the viscosity of mixes composed of water, cement and bentonite, in order to maintain the fine particles in suspension and at the same time to avoid the formation of soil aggregates that would reduce productivity.
Its properties allow to prepare slurries minimising the risk of segregations, which represent a serious danger in mucking operations. Furthermore, Viscofluid Jet has lubricating properties that avoid soil sticking to the excavation tools, especially in presence of fine and very fine particles and greatly reduces the wear of the tools. Viscofluid Jet also inhibits swelling of the earth, typical of clay.
An other important property of Viscofluid Jet is that its complete compatibility with all the MAPEI foaming agents and Viscofluid Jet is suitable for use in the presence of ions Mg++, Ca++, SO42-, Cl- and can be used also in contaminated grounds.

As slurry for Hydro-shields: 0.2-0.5%.
As stabilizer for foams: 0.3-1.0%.
As polymer in drilling mud: 0.5-2.0%.
Our Laboratory is at complete disposal for evaluating the dosage of Viscofluid Jet in the different grounds that can be present during drilling or tunnelling operations. It is recommended to contact our “Underground Technology Team” to verify and eventually optimize the use of the product.

Viscofluid Jet is available in:
– 25 kg and 100 kg plastic drums;
– 1000 kg tanks.

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