Maperod C

Pultruded, High-Strength Carbon Fiber Rod Pre-Impregnated in Epoxy-Based Resin

Maperod C is a range of pultruded carbon fiber rods, with high tensile strength and a modulus of elasticity of 22.5 x 10⁶ psi (155,000 N/mm²). After the plastic film is removed, the Maperod C “near surface-mounted” rods are used for structural repairs and strengthening of structural elements in reinforced concrete, brickwork, stone or volcanic ash that has been damaged by either physical/mechanical stresses or natural events. Maperod C may be used together with the fabrics from the MapeWrap ™ range for stronger anchoring, particularly when flexural or shear strengthening operations are carried out.

A Technical Data Sheet is not yet available for this product. For technical data, please consult your sales representative.

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