Navigating Self-Leveler and Primer Options


In this presentation, we will spend time discussing why self-leveling compounds are used, the various types of levelers that are available in the marketplace, how to analyze and prepare the substrate to receive a self-leveling compound, the function and proper selection of primers that are used, and how to avoid problems in self-leveler applications.

At the end of this presentation, participants will learn:

  • Why self-leveling compounds are used in support of floor-covering installations.
  • The various types of MAPEI self-leveling underlayments.
  • How to prepare a substrate to receive a self-leveling underlayment or topping.
  • Why primers are necessary for self-leveling applications.
  • The various types of primers that are available and how they differ.
  • Potential problems for self-leveling applications and how to avoid them.

Flyer: Navigating Self-Leveler and Primer Options

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