Updates on MAPEI’s Self-Leveling Underlayments


At MAPEI, we constantly challenge ourselves to learn more about what our products can do so that we can provide you the best information on how to use them for a successful flooring installation. This is especially true regarding our portfolio of self-leveling underlayment (SLU) products.

Based on years of successful installations, input from MAPEI’s Technical Services Department and support from R&D, we are making some welcome improvements to the usage, limitations and general information regarding our SLUs.

This presentation will discuss the changes that have been made on all our cement-based SLUs and how those changes will affect your use of them. During this presentation, you will learn how this research has allowed us to make changes on the following topics:

  • Moisture limits
  • Installations over wood substrates
  • Surface-profile requirements
  • Additional suitable substrates
  • Sustainability information and industry standards
  • Addition of new performance data
Jeffrey B. Johnson

Jeffrey B. Johnson

Jeff is the Business Manager for MAPEI’s Floor Covering Installation Systems line. Jeff brings to the industry more than 25 years’ experience in the development and marketing of floor-covering installation products. Practical experience in the construction industry and as a bench chemist gives Jeff an insightful perspective on surface preparation, moisture mitigation and floor-covering installation.

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Flyer: Updates on MAPEI’s Self-Leveling Underlayments


1 p.m. EDT to 2 p.m. EDT


Flyer: Updates on MAPEI’s Self-Leveling Underlayments


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