MAPEI’s Mapeheat™ Radiant Floor-Heating System


This Webinar will examine MAPEI’s popular Mapeheat™ radiant floor-heating system. During the Webinar, participants will learn:

  • Why floor heating is so popular.
  • About MAPEI’s floor-heating options.
  • How MAPEI’s floor-heating system is different than other systems on the market.
  • If floor-heating products can be used in wet environments.
  • Which type of thermostat is the most popular (basic, touchscreen or WiFi-connected).
  • About custom-made floor-heating mats, measuring rooms and ordering mats.
  • About finding a local, knowledgeable installing contractor to install MAPEI’s floor- heating system.

This is a third-party Webinar with TILE Magazine.

Jeffrey B. Johnson

Sonya Moste

Sonya has been launching products for more than 20 years. Her career in manufacturing began in plastics, where she launched several lines of food-service-packaging products for Dart Container Corporation. Sonya began working at MAPEI in 2015 and led the resurgence of the North American Adhesives brand. Sonya is currently MAPEI’s Product Manager for waterproofing, crack-isolation, sound-reduction and floor-heating membranes.

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Flyer: MAPEI’s Mapeheat™ Radiant Floor-Heating System


1 p.m. EDT to 2 p.m. EDT


Flyer: MAPEI’s Mapeheat™ Radiant Floor-Heating System


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