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Our history has a tight bond with Italy, the nation that witnessed our birth and growth. Our roots are firmly embedded in a solid past and in values that have the merit of still being relevant today: passion and innovation. And this is why we have never stopped growing. Ours is the story of a company, but it is also the story of a family: a stage race with exhausting climbs and exciting sprint finishes, but above all so many exhilarating successes and exceptional team members.


Communications travel so fast that every event which takes place around the world becomes part of our lives, as it happens. But that’s not all. Even people’s ideas, thoughts and images are part of the flow of communications, and social networks are the fastest, most creative tools to help us reach like-minded people. Tablet PC’s help in this process, and downloading and communicating has become more simple than ever. Speed also plays a leading part in science: in 2011, the CERN particle accelerator in Geneva clocked a beam of neutrinos travelling slightly faster than the speed of light (exceeded by approximately 20 parts per million). Federica Pellegrini’s victories took Italian swimming to the top of the world, and for the first time Cadel Evans, an old friend of Mapei, won at the World Road Cycling Championships in Mendrisio. Lady Gaga is the new global star of pop music, and the history of cinema took a giant leap forward for the triumphant special effects in the film Avatar. At the end of 2011, the loss of Steve Jobs brought an air of sadness over the world, a world he had tried to improve with his ground-breaking technology. And it is also a period of global financial and economic crisis, which is still not over following the meltdown in 2008. And in spite of all this, the growth of Mapei around the world continues and it is ready to take on all challengers.

Always one step ahead

A period of fast growth on all fronts without precedent: this is the hallmark of the last five years of the Mapei story. Remaining faithful to the strategy that focuses on the internationalisation, specialisation and innovation of Mapei, the Group continued expanding in all the five continents and registered double-figure growth in revenue every year. New acquisitions, new subsidiary companies joining the Group, expansion projects for numerous production facilities and a growth in the product mix for all sectors of the building world. The non-stop Research & Development activities, the pride and driving force behind the Company’s activities, encourage the growth of our product ranges which, in 2008, went from 9 to 15. But let’s look at things step-by-step. The Caribbean Sand was created in Puerto Rico in 2007, and Polyglass, world leaders in the production of waterproofing and insulating products, was acquired in 2008. The Austrian company Betontechnik, the North American company Apac and the Italian company Mapintec joined the Group in 2009, and 2011 saw the acquisition of Henkel Technologies Korea.

The number of subsidiaries also increased. Mapei Croatia was created in 2008, while 2009 saw the creation of Mapei South Africa, Mapei Nederland and Mapei Bulgaria. 2010 saw the appearance of Mapei Denmark, Mapei Korea and Mapei De Mexico, while 2011 ended on a high note with the creation of 2 further subsidiaries: Mapei Panama and Mapei India. The number of production units also increased and, in 2007, a new, dedicated sealants plant was installed in the Mediglia production facility, along with a dedicated colours plant. In 2008, again in Mediglia, and in 2009 in the USA, dedicated production lines for packaging products in new, ecological plastic bags were commissioned. In 2011, Rescon Mapei definitively changed its name to become just Mapei, and a new UTT laboratory specialised in the research and development of products for underground work was created. And, in the same year, the new Mobile Building Laboratory dedicated to admixtures was inaugurated. For Mapei, growth means being close to reference markets at all times and to react on a global basis, exploiting Research & Development activities to the full. Because Mapei’s task is to bring innovation and knowledge. And to be always one step ahead is our declared corporate  commitment.

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18 told tales illustrated by Carlo Stanga about Mapei and the solutions provided towards the successful completion of some of the most significant projects in Italy and around the world over the last 80 years.

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