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Our history has a tight bond with Italy, the nation that witnessed our birth and growth. Our roots are firmly embedded in a solid past and in values that have the merit of still being relevant today: passion and innovation. And this is why we have never stopped growing. Ours is the story of a company, but it is also the story of a family: a stage race with exhausting climbs and exciting sprint finishes, but above all so many exhilarating successes and exceptional team members.


The use of internet is growing globally, driven by the introduction of smartphones.
The growth covers the entire world and the buzzword is “streaming” which, thanks to the speed of the web, allows apps and sites to transmit a continuous flow of music and films. The new i-Phone 8 is eagerly awaited, Facebook is set to reach 2 billion users and, in December 2017, Star Wars fans will be able to enjoy the release of the eighth episode in the series. In the meantime engineers are working on the development of virtual reality, while the web itself has spread its roots into the exchange market with the introduction of the bitcoin. And this is only the beginning. On the 31st of October 2015 the curtain went down on Expo 2015, the Universal Exposition that brought 21 million visitors to Milan, attracted by the theme of “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.
Inside the exposition site, Mapei supplied products for the construction of 65 pavilions, all nine clusters and various complementary features, such as the enormous foundation slab on which the event itself was built.
In the 2012-2013 season, the Sassuolo football team bearing the Mapei brand and trained by Eusebio Di Francesco obtained an historical promotion to the Serie A. And with their 6th place in the 2015-2016 season, for the first time ever, they qualified for a place in a European competition and then confirmed the following year to be a force to be reckoned with on the Italian football scene.
But it was the economic crisis, and its long-running effects that never seem to end, that dominated everyone’s attention over the last five years.
In this difficult period Giorgio Squinzi, CEO of Mapei Spa, also took on the role of President of Confindustria, the Italian business association, from 2012 to May 2016. The financial crisis of 2007, which started in the United States, and now Brexit, has really put the unity of Europe to the test. And while Europe in general seems to be taking the right steps to overcome the situation, Italy is still wavering. At the current rate of growth GDP will only return to around the same level as 2007 in the first half of the next decade.
But, in spite of everything, during this five-year period, Mapei Group continued to grow in every geographical area in which it operates by aiming at internationalisation, innovation and diversification in numerous sectors. And eco-sustainability in the building industry remains the central issue, with Mapei playing a leading role for decades.

The future is now

In 2017 Mapei is celebrating its 80th anniversary.
80 years of making an important contribution to the successful completion of new construction projects, as well as the restoration and conservation of important examples of our artistic and cultural heritage in Italy and around the world.
In all these years Mapei has never changed direction, constantly increasing its vast range of products and remaining faithful to its three main principles with determination: specialisation, internationalisation and constant commitment to Research and Development.
Competitiveness has increased through the commissioning and opening of new production facilities around the world and by extending its commercial activities in many other countries. A virtuous path in the search for growth which is confirmed by our figures.
Today, in 2017, the company has 81 subsidiaries, 18 main Research and Development centres, one of which is the Corporate centre, and 73 production facilities operating in 33 countries, each one with its own quality control laboratory. Important figures which summarise the success of a process which started in the 1970’s and has never stopped since.
Mapei’s figures for 2017.

Strong growth that has witnessed great success stories in certain areas of the world such as North America, Great Britain, Poland, Scandinavia and the vast area of Asia-Pacific.
Growth with precise objectives, all in the name of sustainability, with the aim of creating products with increasingly high levels of performance.
Progress in the construction industry towards a sustainable future is tightly connected to innovation in the chemicals sector.
The clearest example of this – amongst the dozens of innovative products created in the last five-year period – is RE-CON ZERØ, specifically developed to overcome the problem of returned concrete and an excellent example of a circular economy.
A commitment to safeguard the environment and people's health that is expressed, as we have seen, through our design work, such as the construction of new manufacturing facilities using locally-sourced and eco-sustainable materials.
Transparent and effective to create innovation and guarantee performance characteristics of excellence: these are Mapei’s fundamental ideas shared by a formidable Group, destined to grow for many years to come.
In the full knowledge – to give further meaning to the celebrations for the eightieth anniversary of the founding of Mapei – that “the future is now”.

Constant global growth

In 2013 Mapei France opened its third production facility in the Lyon area, to be more precise in Saint-Vulbas, right in the heart of the Plain de l’Ain industrial park. This makes it the only European subsidiary with three different production facilities.
A second production facility was also inaugurated in 2013 in Barcin. This is the Group’s fourth production facility in Poland and joins the one in Gliwice of Mapei Polska, our subsidiary company Sopro Polonia in Nowiny and the Górka Cement Works in Trzebinia.
A “commercial bridge” between Europe and Asia. That is exactly what has been created thanks to the acquisition, again in 2013, of the Turkish company Wallmerk Construction.
In May 2014 Mapei became a leading player in the United States concrete admixtures market with the acquisition of General Resource Technology Inc. (GRT).
A strategic decision with the aim of extending their market share for this type of product from the existing commercial base in the centre of the USA towards the east and west and then, in the future, to Canada and Mexico.
In Malaysia – the third strongest economy in south-east Asia and the third richest country in the area in terms of GDP pro-capita after Singapore and Brunei – the Group inaugurated a new production facility in November 2015 in the town of Nilai (around an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur), featuring state of the art manufacturing equipment and sufficient space to store its products and to house its own Quality Control laboratory.
Mapei, which has been operating on the Mexican market since 2010, consolidated its position in the country by acquiring two production facilities in 2016 from the Mexican company Texturizados de Zimapan SA de CV, Texzim, giving Mapei Messico enough production capacity to follow the dynamic local market. The two facilities, located in Zimapán and Cancún, are strategically placed to provide efficient service to a large part of the Mexican territory.
On the 4th of July, 2016, ZAO Mapei – the Russian subsidiary of Mapei Spa – completed the acquisition of the Kikerino works, 80 kilometres to the south of St. Petersburg, from the Austrian company Baumit.
This will now enable Mapei to optimise their cover of the territory covering the vast regions of north-west Russia.
A few days before this event, on the 26th of June 2016, the new Panama Canal was inaugurated which, from not only an engineering point of view, is the most ambitious project ever completed in the whole world.

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