World class tennis courts for Lavender Hills

1 November 2018

Mapei’s world-class solutions for sports facilities were adopted on the tricky project to minimise disruption in the busy urban area and to reduce the amount of additional aggregates traditionally required to establish a stable base foundation for such sports facilities.

The municipal project was undertaken by sports facility specialist, SynSport on behalf of the main contractor, Aveng, with the purpose of providing the community with world-class tennis courts that are strong and durable enough to withstand tough environmental and high-traffic situations. Simultaneously, the project called for rapid construction minimal disruption of the existing area.

Modern solution

The Mapei range of specialty sports facility solutions was chosen as the most suitable solution and called for the use of its Mapesoil 100 ground stabilisation formulation to provide a stable foundation for a bitumen surface, with Mapecoat basecoats, Mapefill Black crack repair system to fill settling cracks, as well as various finishing and line-coating systems to give the courts an attractive lasting finish for years to come.

Mapei representative, Carel Louw, explains that the Mapesoil 100 was used to stabilise base of tennis courts. A dosage of 5% of Mapesoil 100 was used to a depth of 150mm of the natural sandy soil. This provided enough stability for the upper levels and negated the need for additional G5 materials.

The preparation was done entirely by hand and an average of 96% plus of compaction was achieved without the use of heavy equipment. This was far above what was required and the addition of a specialty geotextile was placed on top of Mapesoil layer before asphalt to prevent bonding of the two layers which would otherwise move at different rates and lead to the formation of cracks.

Easy methods

Thereafter a base coat was applied on to the levelled asphalt surface and that cracks formed by the roller or any impurities, high/low spots were identified and rectified. Cracks were then repaired using Mapefill Black were it was injected into the cracks, levelled using a trowel and while still wet sprinkled with sand to improve adhesion of the base coat.

At this point any low areas identified were filled with the company’s Mapecoat TNS basecoat as the filler. A further two coats were then applied to the entire surface whereafter, in record time, the contractor could apply the finishing touches using the Mapecoat TNS finish 1 & 3 solutions.

Two different colours were used on the court, blue and yellow to mark a contrast between the playing surfaces. Blue on the inside of the court were tennis and netball will be played and yellow around the court.

Finishing touches

This required the marking of the playing areas with masking tape and colours applied accordingly, where after the specially developed Mapecoat TNS line solution was applied to provide clear, non-fading lines to ensure the courts will be up to competition standards for years to come.

“The Mapei sport facility solutions not only saved the City of Cape Town time and money, but it also provided the community with world class facilities quickly and with minimal disruption that would otherwise have been caused due to truckloads of additional aggregates and heavy equipment needed on site. The solution will also ensure that the courts remain in good condition for many years to come,” concludes Carel.

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