MAPEI's improved installation solutions for modern flooring.

21 September 2018
These all-new formulations have been specially developed for new kinds of flooring that have become available in recent years, such as laminates, new vinyl and polymer types and a host of others that require improved solutions to ensure simplified, faster and more durable installations.

“Modern flooring requirements are changing, and traditional screeds, adhesives, grout and sealants have simply not kept up with the pace of change. Our new Resilient line finally addresses the issues that installers are faced with when installing these new floors and has developed truly innovative solutions that not only speed up and simplify installations, put improve the overall appearance and quality of these jobs,” says Mapei commercial manager, Tracy Harris.

Modern Designs
In recent years the popularity of new flooring types such as wood laminates, vinyl’s and textiles has exploded due to the rich host of types and textures that are available. But, when it comes to levelling and finishing surfaces the traditional methods are simply not up to the task and can make the job difficult and time consuming or even completely unsuitable for the job at hand.

Mapei’s solution has been to develop a large range of products to cater specifically for these new flooring types to become more viable and popular locally. The Resilient range includes floor preparation products such as self-levelling screeds, levelling compounds, crack and joint repairs and sealers, as well as bonding agents for various surface and flooring types.

An equally wide range of adhesives has also been developed for all types of flooring materials including textiles, rubber, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), linoleum, PVC, all types of carpets and more. In line with all Mapei Resilient Line products, the adhesives and flooring solutions are free of harmful chemicals and manufactured in accordance within Mapei’s sustainability and environmentally friendly guidelines.

Professional Advice
“With such a wide range of new products available we are actively encouraging building professionals and flooring contractors and installers to contact us and discuss suitable solutions for their future applications. In most instances we will be able to guarantee them faster, easier installations with products that are more durable in the long run,” adds Tracy.

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