MAPEI’s Luxury Vinyl Tile Grout

October 30, 2020

Mapei South Africa is known for its impressive range of flooring products and solutions, one of which being Flexcolor 4 LVT, a ready-to-use grout for luxury vinyl tiles. This polymer dispersion grout with mineral fillers and special additives is supplied as a ready-mixed paste with special rheological properties that makes it easy to apply.

Flexcolor 4 LVT sets through evaporation of its water content. Once hardened, becomes flexible with a high bond strength which is resistant to vibration and the deformation of building materials. These characteristics make it particularly suitable for grouting LVT.

Flexcolor 4 LVT may be used to grout joints from 2 to 5 mm wide. It is easy to apply, remove and clean from the surface of the LVT. Once dry, it has a uniform colour, a smooth and compact finish, and with reduced water absorption thanks to the particular DropEffect® Technology. The innovative BioBlock® technology , blocks the formation at the root of micro-organism which cause mould.

Flexcolor 4 LVT is harmless to the health of the installer and the end users and is certified as a product with very low emission of volatile organic compounds.

Flexcolor 4 LVT is available in six different colours which come in 5kg plastic tubs, namely black, anthracite grey, medium grey, rich brown, silk and jasmine.

“We are completely focused on creating solutions that are reliable, efficient and long lasting,” says Tracy Harris – Commercial Manager at Mapei South Africa. “Our continued research and development ensures that our products are world-class and environmentally friendly, in addition to this, we are on hand to provide technical support and guidance when needed.”

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