MAPEI Introduces New Tile Adhesive to the Family!

January 29, 2021

MAPEI South Africa has built a solid reputation in the local construction industry for supplying durable products for all types of floor and wall coverings such as cementitious tile adhesives and grouts, epoxy adhesives and grouts as well as self-levelling compounds. Our diverse flooring product offering is suitable for residential applications, commercial and industrial environments.

Mapei South Africa recently extended its range of C2 tile adhesives and introduced a new addition to the Kerabond family. Kerabond Plus is a C2E class cementitious (C), improved adhesion(2), extended open time (E) adhesive for ceramic and porcelain tiles. This new tile adhesive forms part of the Kerabond family, alongside Kerabond T-R and Kerabond T-R Express, it is a cost effective choice when a non-slip adhesive is not needed, especially for tile installations on floors.

It is suitable for bonding all types of tiles (ceramic, porcelain, single-fired, terracotta, double-fired, klinker, etc.) and mosaic on internal and external substrates. Kerabond Plus can be used for tile on tile installations up to 600mm x 600mm. It is also recommended for commercial installation of tiles up to 600mm x 1200mm as well as the installation of all types of tiles in swimming pools, underfloor heating and large format tiles up to 1620 x 3240 when diluted with Isolastic – Mapei’s flexible latex additive.

Thanks to the low viscosity of the mix, Kerabond Plus is easy and quick to apply, excellent wetting properties on the back of tiles and has an extended open time (the mix remains workable for at least 45 minutes). This allows enough time to mix a whole bag of product in one go, speeding up application times.

Tile joints may be grouted after 4 to 8 hours on walls and after 12 hours on floors. Use a MAPEI cementitious or epoxy grout, available in a wide variety of colours. Seal expansion joints using a suitable MAPEI sealant.

“Our continued research and development ensures that our products are world-class, environmentally aware and deliver perfect adherence to all materials normally used in building. Kerabond Plus is no exception and not only does it deliver the highest quality of workability, but we are on hand to provide support and guidance when needed” concludes Zamaswazi Ntobela, Product Manager of products for ceramic, porcelain and stone materials.

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