MAPEI South Africa awarded ISO 9001 Certification

February 1, 2021

The MAPEI Group considers adherence to the strictest quality standards as a fundamental apsect of our solutions offering to the world markets, including Southern Africa.

As a company, MAPEI adheres to the strictest international quality standards throughout it’s global presence. The group consistently invests in Research and Development of market leading products as well as employs a highly qualified technical team in order to provide the best possible service to the customers who make use of our products across the broad spectrum of construction.

When the MAPEI group took the step to invest in its South African subsidiary – there was always the aim that it would be not only be quality certified and held to the Group’s high standards, but that of the local market as well. As such, the process began in 2019  to enable MAPEI South Africa to be ISO Certified in QMS.

This process was finally completed in 2020 and after an extensive audit,  MAPEI South Africa was awarded ISO 9001 Certification.

“This is a fantastic achievement for the company and is an ongoing commitment to our customers that we as as a company will always conduct our business in the best possible manner to provide them with quality solutions that they know and trust” claims Antony Offenberg – MAPEI South Africa General Manager. “ It is one thing achieving the standard which is fantastic, but keeping it is now the top priority and the MAPEI team are fully committed and motivated to do so” he adds.

As the project leader on this certification, Simon Molefe  - Business Unit Manager was heavily involved in the process and oversaw the audit. “ One of the key elements in an ISO Audit is that your team needs to know what they are doing and what their role is within the larger mechanics that make up a manufacturing facility and the team really made us proud.” he claims.

“Achieving the certification means that we had to show our professionalism, expertise and processes were all in place and effective across all the different principles of a good quality management system.

This allows for our customers to be confident in the customer service, local and international technical support and the quality they are getting when using any of the MAPEI products or systems.” concludes Simon.

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