Closed cell polyethylene foam cord for the correct sizing of movement joints. Is available in skeins where the length is proportionate to the diameter.

Placing at the base of the joints (expansion, control, structural, etc.). Lightly positioned, it allows the joint to be filled correctly with a flexible product to the designed thickness, ensuring a properly formed seal with good adhesion to the sides of the joint.

Technical data:
Density: 40 kg/m3.
Resistance to tensile stress: 30 N/mm2.
Water absorption: none.
Colour: grey.
Temperature when in use: from -40°C to 80°C.

Ø 6 mm boxes 2500 m
Ø 10 mm ” 550 m
Ø 15 mm ” 550 m
Ø 20 mm ” 350 m
Ø 25 mm ” 200 m
Ø 30 mm ” 160 m

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