Non-woven, macro-holed polypropylene fabric for reinforcing waterproofing membranes.
Mapetex Sel is a non-woven, macro-holed fabric, made from synthetic polypropylene fibres, which is permeable to water. It is used in conjunction with Mapelastic or Mapelastic Smart for flexible cementitious mortars, to apply waterproofing layers on balconies, terraces, swimming pools, basins, etc.
Mapetex Sel may also be used together with Mapegum WPS, fast drying, liquid elastic membrane for interior waterproofing.
Thanks to the high mechanical properties of the product, the characteristics of Mapelastic, Mapelastic Smart and Mapegum WPS, such as toughness, punch-resistance, ultimate elongation and crack-bridging, are further improved.

25 m x 1 m-wide rolls.

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