Solvent-free silicate based consolidating compound for cementitious substrates.

Where to use:
Consolidation of cementitious substrates with poor consistency even in depth, hardening cementitious screeds that tend to crumble on the surface. To prevent the formation of an anti-adhesive film, sprinkle dry sand on the surface of the final coat to facilitate bonding of the next treatment.
The substrate must be dry and clean, free of oil, grease, paint and any loose particles.

Technical data:
Drying time: varies according to the absorbency of the substrate.
Consistency: liquid.
Colour: transparent.
Flammability: no.
Application temperature range: from 5°C to 35°C.
Storage: 24 months. Protect from frost.
Application: by roller, brush or watering can.

0.5-0.7 kg/m2.

25 kg drums.

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