WallGard Graffiti REMOVER GEL

Gel detergent for graffiti-damaged surfaces.
WallGard Graffiti Remover Gel is recommended for all surfaces not previously treated with graffiti-repellent protection against conventional spray-paints.
WallGard Graffiti Remover Gel has a gelatinous consistency and contains harmless biodegradable solvents.
After WallGard Graffiti Barrier has been applied and let stand for 5 to 10 minutes, it removes all types of graffiti simply by spraying with a high pressure cleaner. In areas where using water under pressure is not possible, WallGard Graffiti Remover Gel can be removed easily with running water and a hard bristled brush.
WallGard Graffiti Remover Gel can be brushed on without any prior surface preparation.

100-200 g/m2 per coat, depending on the roughness of the surface.

5 kg buckets.

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