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N° 74 - 3/8/2020

Tiles are getting bigger and installing them is becoming increasingly complex. In a sector that is evolving according to the latest trends choosing the right adhesive is fundamental in achieving the quality finish you desire.


Alongside the three Mapei Group’s pillars of internationalisation, specialisation and Research & Development, great attention has begun to be focused on ecological issues, the impact of products on the environment and health, and emissions into the...

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N° 73 - 3/21/2019

What properties should a substrate have to make it suitable for bonding these types of material? Let's take a close look at the three of them.

#resilient #vinyl #textile #substrates


N° 67 - 6/22/2018

On Saturday, December 31th, 2016, the Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, and the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, together with hundreds of passengers who were simply curious, inaugurated the first section of the new stretch of the New York...


N° 28 - 8/22/2019

MAPEI’s line of marine industry products brought beauty, durability and speed to a rehab project for which time was more critical than normal.

#carnival #marine #ship

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