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New Galeazzi Hospital: Mapei are part of the record-breaking pour

32,836 m3 of self-compacting concrete, along with more than 80,000 tonnes of solids and 200 tonnes of liquid admixtures.

The figures speak for themselves: the New Galeazzi Institute of Orthopaedics is now officially in the record books by taking the title for the largest foundation slab in Europe.

Mapei were on hand to provide support for Unical SpA, the supplier of the ready-mixed concrete, and witnessed at first hand the 4-day, uninterrupted concrete pour to form the slab.

Mapei Technical Services was commissioned by the client to carry out targeted on-site testing to verify the physical/mechanical characteristics of the material and to keep them under tight control. Thanks to the company’s well equipped mobile laboratories, the team of Mapei engineers was able to test the concrete to be placed and make sure that the admixtures proposed during the mix-design phase for the SCC met the specified requirements: the superplasticiser DYNAMON XTEND W500 N, the workability-extending admixture DYNAMON EW and the set-retardant MAPETARD.

Location icon Milan

The 28th of May this year marked the end of placing the largest ever concrete foundation slab in Europe: 33,000 m3 of concrete pumped non-stop for 94 hours by a total workforce of 106 working round the clock for Unical SPa, the concrete supplier. The new Galeazzi Orthopaedics Institute is being built in the area of Milan that hosted Expo 2015. Once completed it will have 16 floors and will reach a height of 90 m, for a total surface area of 150,000 m2.

The new structure will encompass the skills and specialisations of two Institutes from the San Donato Hospital Group within one single complex: the IRCCS Galeazzi Orthopaedic Institute and the Sant’Ambrogio Institute.The building is being constructed on a seamless foundation slab measuring 190x50 m with a thickness of up to 3.5 m.

The record recently established was for one of the largest volumes of placed concrete ever achieved in the world, by using mixing units just outside the site.



Mapei was commissioned by the Works Direction to use its mobile laboratories to take samples and carry out tests on the fresh concrete (slump-flow, J-ring, V-funnel) and to assist during the various preliminary phases prior to carrying out the pour: the design stage, development of the right mix-design, organisation of site logistics, defining the testing schedule and acceptance criteria and monitoring of the concrete after it had been placed.

A special, bespoke concrete was designed for the massive concrete casting which had been carefully developed and modelled using analytical tools to verify its behaviour in terms of temperature trends and rheological characteristics.

Unical Technical Services Department designed the mix so that, once all the components had been charged into the various mixing units, the preparation phase could be completed, and the concrete could be checked when it arrived on site. Two check-points were set up on site and, when the concrete was delivered, staff from the Unical Technical Services Department checked each mixer truck to make sure each batch complied with the specified rheological properties.

DYNAMON XTEND W500 N was used to achieve the results required, an acrylic super-plasticiser for concrete of the latest generation, specifically formulated to mix concrete with a low water/cement ratio and a good maintenance of workability.

Thanks to its special, innovative formulation, DYNAMON XTEND W500 N is an efficient agent used to disperse cement particles, so that the amount of water required for mixing is considerably reduced.

Compared with normal concrete without an admixture, DYNAMON XTEND W500 N allows to design concrete mixes with more than 20% less water, a good workability time, and negligible loss in workability while being transported and unloaded on site.

This admixture was used together with DYNAMON EW, an admixture based on modified acrylic polymer that allows to extend the workability of concrete for extended periods, and MAPETARD, a liquid set-retarding admixture for concrete with low slump loss.

The figures of the pour



Mixing units.


loading points.


pumps working at one time to place the concrete.



mixer trucks.



technicians and maintenance engineers.


tonnes of solid components.



tonnes of liquid admixtures. 


m3 concrete supplied. 




Project data sheet

Yard embedded structure
Location Milan, Italy
Subcategory HOSPITAL
Built in 2019
Application supplying admixtures for concrete
Start and finish date 2019
Application Type Admixtures for concrete
Client Real Estate Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato
Contractor company Edile Engineering & Construction SpA
Installer companies Unical SpA
Architects Binini Partners Architects
Specialists involved Binini Partners Architects
MAPEI Coordination Massimiliano Nicastro, Andrea Siboni, Pietro Lattarulo, Mapei SpA (Italy)

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