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N° 92 - 8/4/2022

Mapei supplied solutions for underground works and installing ceramic tiles in the stations. This maxi urban mobility project is scheduled to be completed in 2030

#ceramics #UTT


N° 92 - 8/1/2022

Using Mapei solutions to repair the concrete façades and stairs of this high school, an important example of the brutalist style

#strengthening #concrete


N° 92 - 7/25/2022

This bridge built around 50 years ago was the focus of important strengthening and repair work

#waterproofing #infrastructures #bridges #strengthening


N° 92 - 7/22/2022

A former industrial complex reconverted while maintaining the imposing 200 m structure intact

#industrial #concrete


N° 92 - 7/18/2022

How a concrete repair product is created in the laboratory

#infrastructures #strengthening #research

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