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N° 73 - 22/03/2019

The determination to keep on going despite all the difficulties.

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N° 72 - 17/12/2018

Interview with Giorgio Squinzi: Mapei plans to become increasingly competitive on international markets.

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Social responsability

N° 72 - 28/12/2018

The 2017 Sustainability Report has now been published.

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The expert's opinion

N° 72 - 02/01/2019

A proper thermal insulation system reduces energy consumption and costs. Questions and answers for our Technical Services Department.


The expert's opinion

N° 72 - 05/02/2019

What are the most common causes of corrosion in reinforced concrete structures and what can be done to stop or prevent it? Hadi Beirami explains to us how carbonation and chlorides are the two most frequent aggressive agents behind this degenerative...

#insights #construction #infrastructures

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