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N° 77 - 12/17/2019

Bridges, manufacturing plants, public and commercial facilities; iconic landmarks and buildings used on a daily basis were completed with Mapei solutions in Malaysia.

#infoclips #theworldofmapei


N° 70 - 8/23/2018

Large format ceramic tiles cover a larger area, require fewer gaps and breaks (grout lines and expansion joints, which are often overlooked) and create the illusion of a monolithic, seamless finish. The larger the tiles, the fewer the number of gaps…

#ceramics #insights


N° 74 - 5/27/2019

The complex encloses an exhibition area and an educational and training centre to help convey the knowledge and passion for engineering in racing cars.

#backdrops #mixdesign #ceramics #architecture


N° 64 - 11/7/2017

The public swimming pool in the City of Campbelltown in South Australia has reached a new standard following the upgrade of the ARC Fitness and Swimming Centre. A winning mix of creative design, a keen eye on the needs of users of the centre and…

#SwimmingPools #renovation #ceramics


N° 87 - 8/30/2021

From the panoramic terrace to a showroom: a portfolio of works using innovative installation materials.

#portfolio #ceramics

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