Two-component, water-dispersed, matt epoxy finish for treating the surface of cementititous substrates.
Mixing ratio: comp A : comp B = 20 : 80.
Consistency of mix: fluid.
Workability time: 40 min.
Dust dry: 3-4 h.
Touch dry: 4-5 h.
Waiting time between first and second coat: 6-24 h according to temperature and level of humidity.
Complete hardening time: 7 days.
Storage: 12 months in its original packaging in a dry area away from sources of heat at a temperature of between +10°C and +30°C.
Consumption: approximately 0.25 kg/m² per coat. Consumption depends on the characteristics of the substrate on which the product is applied and the application method used, and may increase if the surface on which it is applied is uneven.
Packaging: 15 kg kits (A + B).

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