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The www.mapei.it website (from herein known as the “Site”) is owned by Mapei S.p.A (from herein known as "Mapei") and is an on-line information service provided by Mapei. Its use is only allowed upon acceptance of the following terms and conditions. If you do not intend accepting these conditions you are requested to not use the site.


Copyright and trademarks

The contents of the Site, including but not limited to articles, documents, trademarks, logos, images, graphs and their layout and adaptations, are protected by copyright and trademark laws. The Site may also contain images, documents, logos and trademarks from third parties who have expressly authorised Mapei to their use and publication on the Site. The aforementioned material from third parties is also protected by copyright and trademark laws. If not intended for personal use, it is forbidden to copy, modify, distribute, publish or use the contents of the Site without the specific authorisation of Mapei. It is forbidden to sell or distribute copies of the Site or any part of the Site for commercial purposes. Material may only be downloaded from the Site if expressly authorised and specifically indicated within the various pages of the Site. Said authorisation regards the personal and non-commercial use only of downloaded material and any other form of use is prohibited. None of the contents of the Site may be considered to have the express or tacit authorisation from third parties to use Mapei trademarks, articles, images, graphs, sounds or any other feature covered by privacy laws, as per the preceding paragraphs.


Limits of responsibility

With regards to information contained on the Site

Although Mapei makes every effort to verify the reliability and accuracy of the information contained on the Site and to keep said information updated, Mapei does not guarantee the correctness, completeness or topicality of said information and declines all responsibility for possible errors, incompleteness or imprecisions. Similarly, Mapei may not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage deriving from the use of the information contained on the Site.

With regards to the functioning of the Site

Mapei may not be held responsible for damage caused by the interruption, suspension, delay or anomaly in the connection to the Site due to power shortages, poor telephone connections and signals or by a poor internet service or for damage caused by downloaded materials, where permitted, contained on the Site, including damage to electronic equipment caused by viruses.

With regards to the presence of links

Mapei has no responsibility for the contents of any other website that may be accessed through the Site or through which it is possible to access the Site. Mapei gives notice that it has no control over the contents of such websites and, as a third party, may not be held responsible for their contents and materials, including advertising materials, divulged on those websites or for any products or services they offer. Said products or services may not be considered sponsored, shared or supported in any way by Mapei.


Use for legal purposes

Users must use the Site and its services for legal purposes only and, in all cases, without impinging on the rights of third parties. Users must also pay particular attention to data protection laws, intellectual and industrial property laws, the protection of personal data, current legislation regarding cybercrime and legislation regarding telecommunications.


Registered users

Any user who intends registering to areas, sections or particular services of the Site is required to supply only information which is complete, up to date, correct and pertinent to that particular user. The user is also required to communicate any change in the personal details required for registration to Mapei in a timely manner. Mapei reserves the right to verify the accuracy of any information given and may refuse the user access to the Site and/or any or all of its resources, services or contents.

If it is necessary to login to gain access to the Site, or any part of the Site, the user is required to use the logoff option at the end of each session. Mapei reserves the right to “logoff” those users whose account, after logging on to the Site, remains in standby mode for a significant period of time, to be established at Mapei’s irrevocable discretion.

Each user is responsible for maintaining the secrecy of their account number, password and any other data and is also responsible for any activity carried out using their account. Unauthorised use of an account, or any other security infringement, must be communicated immediately to the website administrator Bracco using the contact details indicated.


Communications and information sent by users with the Site

The user assumes all responsibility for the contents of any messages sent and accepts to be fully responsible for, and declares and guarantees to be the legitimate owner of, the contents of said messages, relieving Mapei – as well as the company and/or all those connected to or controlled by the company, its managers and its employees - of any request for damages or compensation. The user also releases Mapei from any responsibility to demands by third parties to Mapei, the company or any of the subjects mentioned above for damages caused by the behaviour of the user or of any person authorised by the user to access the Site.

All information and material supplied by any user through the Site will not be considered confidential or reserved. As such, Mapei reserves the right to freely use said information and material in the way it deems suitable. Anyone who sends material and/or information guarantees that the same may be published and accepts that Mapei cannot be held liable and is free of any obligation towards third parties regarding said material and information.


Privacy and Cookies

With regards to the protection of personal details and the presence of cookies, please refer to each specific section of the Site.


Applicable laws

The terms and conditions in this document are regulated according to Italian law.

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