Bentonite waterproofing sheets for structures below ground level, suitable for both horizontal and vertical surfaces.
Lower layer of geo-textile fabric: polypropylene fabric, 140 g/m².
Upper layer of geo-textile fabric: non-woven polypropylene fabric, 220 g/m².
Layer of bentonite: natural sodium.
Aeric mass of bentonite (EN 14196) (12% humidity): 5.1 kg/m².
Swelling index (ASTM D 5890): 27 ml/2 g.
Coefficient of permeability (ASTM D 5887): < 1E-11 m/s.
Static perforation (EN ISO 12236): 2400 N (-50 N).
Longitudinal tensile strength (EN ISO 10319): > 14.0 kN/m (-0.5 kN/m).
Transversal tensile strength (EN ISO 10319): > 14.0 kN/m (-0.5 kN/m).
Peeling (ASTM D 6496): > 420 N/m.
Bond strength to concrete (ASTM D 903): > 3.5 N/mm.
Thickness of product (EN 964-1): 6.0 mm.
Seal of overlaps: the geo-composite product is self-sealing.
1.1 m x 5 m rolls;
2.5 m x 22.5 m rolls;
5 m x 40 m rolls.

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