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N° 94 - 11/18/2022

Waterproofing roofs and installing ceramic tiles in a big mall, the first “intelligent” building in Hungary


N° 94 - 11/18/2022

Using Mapei solutions to install ceramic tiles in the swimming pools and along the walkways in a large sports and leisure centre in the south of England


N° 94 - 11/11/2022

Cementitious adhesives and anti-fracture membranes for this new hospital recently inaugurated in the former Expo area



N° 94 - 11/11/2022

At Cersaie 2022 Mapei showcased an improved range of wall coatings. New products and formats with more sustainable formulations and packaging were launched on the market.

#wall coatings


N° 94 - 11/10/2022

Jozo Grgić, general manager of Mapei Croatia: our brand in major projects for renovating and building viaducts, bridges and tunnels 


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