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N° 87 - 9/21/2021

Designed by Renzo Piano and completed in accordance with local building traditions, the new children’s surgical hospital has opened in Entebbe.

#hospital #backdrops #theworldofmapei #CRS


N° 84 - 3/5/2021

“Fast-Track” installation systems adopted to create three pavilions with 152 intensive care beds in in just 45 days.



N° 84 - 3/5/2021

Installing resilient materials in a cutting-edge facility mainly intended for mothers and their children.


The expert's opinion

N° 81 - 8/14/2020

Sanitizing rooms starting with the walls.

#insights #wall coatings #hospital


N° 76 - 10/3/2019

One of the largest continuous massive concrete pours in the world to form the foundations of a new hospital in Milan.

#iconic #theworldofmapei #mixdesign #hospital

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