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N° 67 - 4/3/2018

The story of the Di Leo biscuit manufacturing facility started more than 150 years ago, in 1860, when the Di Leo bakery was founded in Altamura (Southern Italy), with the intention to just bake bread made by the local families. In the 1930’s they…

#industrial #seamless #repair #renovation


N° 64 - 9/21/2017

Special mortars and finishes and have given the walls of a famous Croatian historical palace new life. The historic terrazzo floor has been treated with a sound Mapei cement-based cycle which could offer the closest effect to the original historical…

#repair #renovation #masonry #industrial #historical


N° 64 - 9/26/2017

Since its foundation in 1996, the Baladin brewery, under the lead of the master-brewer Teo Musso, became a well known brand and therefore now needed a bigger production facility. The new plant was built on an existing building and required the best…

#industrial #ceramics


N° 64 - 11/7/2017

The Bayer company works, commissioned in 1946 and located on the outskirts of Milan, represents a facility of excellence. In 2016 the emergency water tower needed to be renovated. Mapei Technical Assistance Services co-operated to help carry out the…

#wall coatings #industrial #repair #strengthening


N° 63 - 7/12/2017

The Niccolai Trafile Srl works in Pistoia, an Italian company that has been building drawing machines and equipment used to manufacture pasta and snack foods since the beginning of the last century, needed renovation work to be carried out on the…

#membranes #industrial #waterproofing

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