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N° 69 - 7/11/2018

The CityLife Shopping District, inaugurated in Milan last December, got off on the right foot, also due to the nearby catchment area which includes the more than 5,000 employees of the Allianz and Generali Towers. And in three years’ time, forecasts…

#resilient #tradespaces #seamless #decorative

The expert's opinion

N° 67 - 4/16/2018

From industrial settings to museums: functional flooring in line with the latest trends in contemporary design - interview to the architect Giovanna Novella of Mapei Spa.

#insights #tradespaces #seamless #backdrops


N° 66 - 1/25/2018

An investment of 200 million Euros, 145 stores and shops, a surface area of 88,000 m2, including the Ikea store which is connected to the new centre, a parking area with location sensors for 4,300 vehicles and an expected 6 million visitors in the…

#tradespaces #ceramics


N° 65 - 11/13/2017

The restauration of a building of historical interest requires attention to details and long studies. In this case the works lasted two years and required special care for all interiors and exteriors. For the internal walls and floors, the interior…

#renovation #tradespaces #ceramics


N° 64 - 9/13/2017

La Rinascente, one of the symbols of Milan, gets 100. Awarded the prize for the world’s best store window campaign by the IGDS, is celebrating its anniversary - and Mapei with it, being on display in its shop windows with its wall and decorative…

#tradespaces #colour #wall coatings

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