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N° 84 - 3/18/2021

General Manager Abhijit Dutta outlines Mapei India’s expansion plan.

#theworldofmapei #insights


N° 84 - 3/24/2021

Following the earthquake that hit the area, this primary school in Petriolo (Province of Macerata, Italy) underwent seismic and energy efficiency upgrading work.

#research #strengthening

The expert's opinion

N° 84 - 3/23/2021

Strengthening and seismic upgrading work for a private villa in Northern Italy.

#research #strengthening


N° 84 - 3/18/2021

The Indian subsidiary celebrates its 10th anniversary and the construction of third plant.

#theworldofmapei #insights

The expert's opinion

N° 84 - 3/10/2021

Mapei offers a wide range of solutions for waterproofing operations.

#waterproofing #insights

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