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Enrico Geronimi
Corporate Product Manager, Grouts and Ultracare Line, Mapei Group (Italy)

Proper cleaning during and after site work is essential for aesthetic and functional success. Using the right products, such as those from the ULTRACARE line, ensures surfaces are cleaned and maintained effectively, supporting both durability and environmental sustainability.

When we think about a building site, dust, noise and, obviously, dirt come to mind. In reality, cleaning is an important activity during some work phases, not only for the general hygiene and look of the end result, but also to ensure that work itself is completed with a successful outcome.
It is pretty clear, in fact, that a site needs to be cleaned up once work has been completed so that the area can then be used, as prescribed, for instance, by Italian standard UNI 11493-1 standard “Ceramic floor and wall coverings. Design, installation and maintenance guidelines”. Less obvious is the importance of cleaning and preparing substrates before installing new flooring or applying primer or a levelling layer.
Also, there are other cases where thorough cleaning is required, such as in residential or commercial settings, which cannot be carried out effectively using products normally used for routine cleaning operations in areas where we live and work.
For every intervention it is better to use the most appropriate product. Let’s take a look at which and under what circumstances.

Let’s start with the initial phases of a site: why is it so important to carry out a thorough clean and what products should be used?

Before installing flooring on a screed or on existing flooring, or applying primer or a levelling compound – just to name a few examples – it is important that surfaces are perfectly clean. If they are not clean, adhesion of the covering material could be compromised. This is a very important operation which is often overlooked, or carried out without the required level of care, leading to problems with the new flooring.
In the case of existing flooring, we recommend a product such as ULTRACARE HD CLEANER, a high performing alkaline detergent for removing stubborn organic dirt, deep-down degreasing and cleaning and preparing surfaces before installing new covering material. Its use guarantees a high level of adhesion and, therefore, a high level of durability for the new flooring, and also positive results regarding the environmental sustainability of the entire operation. Other products from the ULTRACARE range could also be used, depending on the nature of the contaminating substance to be removed (ULTRACARE ACID CLEANER, ULTRACARE MULTICLEANER or ULTRACARE RUST REMOVER). 

Let’s now talk about the final phase of a site: is cleaning also important at this stage?

Absolutely. When site work has been completed, it is good practice to carry out a thorough clean of the area to remove not only residues from installation and grouting operations, but also any other element or substance that could compromise the final result. In such cases we propose ULTRACARE KERANET or ULTRACARE ACID CLEANER, concentrated, acid-based cleaning solutions for porcelain, ceramic tiles and any other material resistant to acids. If an epoxy grout was used, the most suitable product is ULTRACARE KERAPOXY CLEANER or ULTRACARE EPOXY OFF GEL, products specifically formulated to remove residues of epoxy grout. ULTRACARE MULTICLEANER is especially recommended for use on materials that are sensitive to aggressive acid or alkaline detergents, such as stone surfaces.

Sometimes it is also necessary to thoroughly clean outside of the actual site. Which are the most suitable products in such cases?

There are various situations in which extra maintenance needs to be carried out in areas that have been used very little or that need a thorough and professional deep-clean. I am thinking, for example, about a holiday home that has remained unused for quite a long time, a terrace that is used again after several months, a warehouse or garage where work has been carried out or the kitchen of a restaurant. These are situations where products used for routine cleaning are not sufficient.
In these cases we would recommend ULTRACARE GROUT CLEANER, for deep-down cleaning of joints, and ULTRACARE HD CLEANER or ULTRACARE MULTICLEANER, which may be diluted and applied according to the nature and intensity of the dirt to be removed. These are all products with good degreasing capacity, and highly effective in removing organic dirt (grease, oil and wax, for example).
As you can see, the ULTRACARE range is pretty extensive and versatile. I mentioned the cleaning products, but there also protectors, finishes and complementary products that are ideal for cleaning, maintaining and protecting surfaces. With these products, which are on sale at Mapei distributors, it is possible to keep surfaces beautiful and functional over the years. So we can safely say that, with ULTRACARE, the beauty of our surroundings starts with taking good care of surfaces!
Questions & Answers
Enrico Geronimi
Corporate Product Manager, Grouts and Ultracare Line, Mapei Group (Italy)
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