Concentrated acid cleaner with CO2 fully offset in the entire life cycle.

ULTRACARE ACID CLEANER is an acid-basedmulti-purposeconcentrated liquid cleaner for removing tough traces of cementitious products from ceramic tiles, glass mosaics and acid-resistant natural stone. Ideal for cleaning after installation work and grouting with cementitious products. Recommended for removing traces of dirt, including of organic nature, hardened residues of cementitious products, saline and lime-based efflorescence, rust stains, tough stains and marks left by slip on tiles.


  • Indoor, outdoor, walls and floors
  • Contact time (5 minutes)
  • High performance
  • Rotating cleaning machine
  • Does not emit fumes
  • Removes lime-scale, rust and efflorescence
  • Dilute 1:5 - 1:10
*ULTRACARE ACID CLEANER is part of the CO2 Fully Offset in the Entire Life Cycle line of products. CO2 emissions measured throughout the life cycle of products from the Zero line in 2024 using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology, verified and certified with EPDs, have been offset through the acquisition of certified carbon credits in support of forestry protection projects. A commitment to the planet, to people and to biodiversity. For more details on how emissions are calculated and on climate mitigation projects financed through certified carbon credits, visit the webpage zero.mapei.com.

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