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Stone road surfaces, which were originally designed for use by pedestrians and carts, are now used numerous times, every single day, by cars, heavy-goods vehicles, emergency vehicles and road-sweepers and are exposed to loads, wear and aggressive chemicals, all characteristics of a concept that was unthinkable until the arrival of Mapestone: durability.
The Mapestone System makes stone road surfaces safe and prevents blocks and cobbles coming loose and sticking up, causing pedestrians to trip or cyclists and motorcyclists to fall.

The appeal of our historical town and city centres, whatever their size, is all down to a pleasant combination of factors: historical buildings, architectural and urban harmony, the legacy of an ancient past, the range of colours used for the buildings, the roads and the piazzas and old shops; an overall picture post-card image. The thing that historical city and town centres have in common is their stone roads: paved, cobbles, flagstones and blocks which, if they remain intact and sound, become alive and may be used, a common good at the service of the residents, the heritage of the entire community.

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