Types of training events



Specially for designers: looking at cutting-edge issues with the help of experts in the building industry. They provide an overview of solutions to the most common building issues. A real help with design work.



Refresher sessions on products and application techniques. They involve practical demonstrations and descriptions of new Mapei products and how to use them properly.



Specially designed for installers. They involve demonstrations of how to use products and practical tests so that those taking part can test out Mapei products for themselves and fine-tune their professional expertise.

Video Tutorial

In this section you will find a series of video tutorials that will help you understand how to apply and use some Mapei products.

Mapei Academy is laying on a series of training activities led by the Technical Services Department and Mapei Experts to provide all the necessary means of understanding and using its products most effectively and of creating complete systems. This service is based on a desire to share the wealth of experience the company has built up over its 80 years in business. Mapei training is organised around various types of free events aimed at designers, installers, retailers and building companies.

Mapei is also an accredited Advanced Training Association with the National Council of the Association of Architects Landscape Planners and Conservationists and is authorised to carry out training activities and award professional training credits.

Thousands of events are organised at various Mapei training centres and Specification Centres in Italy and around the world. The events, many of which held at our clients' offices or at Professional Associations, always involve expert speakers and focus on cutting-edge technical issues for the building and design


Locations all over Italy

We are well aware that professional people are always extremely busy. That is why the Mapei Academy organises courses and seminars in various Mapei training centres at Professional Associations, retailers and prestigious conference venues all over Italy. To work more closely with our customers and offer specific technical training to an increasing number of people.

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