Solutions for areas in contact with water

Waterproofing is a theme which we always approach with success by offering a wide range of specific, safe and long-lasting solutions. The main problem encountered by users is infiltrations in areas such as second pours, underground structures, terraces and roofs.

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N° 99 - 4/30/2024

Mapei systems were used in the Sandwell Aquatic Centre (UK) for waterproofing operations and ceramic tile installation. Key products included hydraulic binders, elastic waterproofing mortars, and…



N° 98 - 4/29/2024

La Calinésie, a water park opening in 2021 in Libourne, offers plenty of space for education, wellness and entertainment, with sustainable architecture. The construction, influenced by the Covid-19…


N° 101 - 4/26/2024

The "Belgrade Waterfront" project is an ambitious urban development initiative that has transformed a neglected area of Belgrade by integrating residential, commercial and cultural spaces along the…




Our daily mission is to help improve the quality of people’s lives by developing chemical products for construction purposes that are continually more sustainable and innovative. Mapei certifications are issued by accredited bodies that are internationally recognized.





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