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The line is made up of numerous products, including mortars for repairing, skimming and protecting concrete, epoxy mortars and systems for structural bonds, products for crack injection and products for making anchor points.

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Mapei Design Fix

Free software tool used to calculate the dimensions of post-installed metal anchors and rebar using epoxy, urethane-methacrylate, vinylester and polyester chemical anchors from the Mapefix range

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N° 98 - 4/29/2024

Various projects in different countries were completed with Mapei products for outdoor spaces. The creation of a new swimming pool in Italy, a sports center in Budapest, and an amusement park in…

Interviews Sustainability

N° 101 - 4/19/2024

The Zero Line by Mapei Group enhances sustainability in construction through durable mortars that extend the service life of structures and reduce environmental impact. These products are optimized…


Research & Development

N° 101 - 4/18/2024

The durability of concrete structures and infrastructures is often undermined by cracking phenomena arising from the onset of dynamic cyclic loads. This leads to the creation of preferential access…



Repair work on a road viaduct

This video illustrates a series of systems offered by Mapei to carry out long-lasting repair work on road viaducts. The work…


Our daily mission is to help improve the quality of people’s lives by developing
chemical products for construction purposes that are continually more sustainable 
and innovative. Mapei certifications are issued by accredited bodies that are
internationally recognized.



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