Specification Centre, where your project comes to life

Being involved right from the very start when the building specifications are drawn up means helping architects and designers during the delicate stage of listing all the operations and supplies required for carrying out a given project in accordance with the approved executive design.

At the Milan Specification Centre, the company’s most qualified staff in every realm of building support architects/designers during the delicate selection phase, striving to anticipate any potential problems already during the design phase.

A functional
interior design

The Milan Specification Centre was designed according to very specific architectural guidelines aiming, once again, to place architectural designers and professionals working in the building industry at the focus of attention. This new facility promises to be a cutting-edge centre providing practical support and information during the entire “specification process” the materials to be incorporated in the specifications.

The aim was to create a setting that looked as much like a design studio as possible

Where creation begins

Each of Mapei’s product lines is visualised in a set of charts, textured samples and prestigious projects references, accompanied by video clips about installation procedures and plenty of support literature, thereby providing architects, contractors and designers with all the assistance required to fully “specify” the Mapei products to be included in the specifications. Across-the-board consultancy also aimed at guaranteeing the complete safety of architects/designers, while offering them a team of “certified” Mapei installers.

The setting is professional-looking, and the minimal furnishing is designed not to be a distraction but to actually enhance concentration so as to focus better on the various aspects the project



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