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All the tools available from Mapei to help during your design work and to install our products correctly.

All the information you need and all the right tools are available from Mapei, a valid aid for design engineers and professionals from the building industry to help in design work, set up a construction site and execute every type of building project.



grouts and sealants calculator

The calculator is an extremely simple to use tool and a useful aid in estimating the amount of product required to seal grout lines and elastic joints.


Concrete specification

The concrete requirements according to EN 206


Product selector for chemical anchors, elastic sealants and adhesives

Quickly identify the chemical anchor, the sealant or the elastic adhesive for your specific job requirements


The tool for customising your sports field with unlimited colours



Brochures, manuals, guides

Find the most suitable document to help with your work, with manuals, technical pamphlets and information sheets covering all our products, as well as documents to help you choose the best solution.


Product information library

Search our library to find the most current Technical Data Sheets (TDSs), Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) reports, and other certification documents for each of our products. 



Leed Calculator

Mapei products contribute to obtaining important LEED credits. Calculate easily LEED credits for your project.


Leed Synoptic

Mapei products contribute to obtaining important LEED credits. Find the LEED credits you can get product by product.



Coloured grouts and sealants

Personalize your space with the new Mapei grout color collections



A new concept of colour for wall coatings



At the centre of design is knowledge. This is why Mapei supports designers who need to construct their own BIM model (Building Information Modeling), with a library of solutions that can be downloaded for every project.

Calculation software


Mapei FRCM Software Design

Mapei Software Design is a software for the structural strengthening of masonry by FRCM (Fibre Reinforced Cementitious Matrix) System, consisting of A.R. glass or basalt fibre meshs and inorganic matrix as cementitious or cement free mortar.


Data Mapesilent

Data Mapesilent is a Mapei software program used to verify the acoustic characteristics of buildings and calculate the thermal transmittance of partition walls. The program also allows you to verify if project requirements meet the specified legal limits.


Mapei FRP Formula

Mapei FRP Formula is a software program for reinforced concrete and masonry structures strengthened with FRP composite materials with an organic matrix. The software allows you to correctly dimension flexural and combined flexural/compressive strengthening, shear strengthening and confinement of reinforced concrete beams and calculates FRP chains.


Mapei HPC Formula

Mapei HPC Formula is a software program for our new strengthening systems using Planitop HPC and Planitop HPC Floor. These are two ultra high-performance, shrinkage-compensated, free-flowing, high ductility, fibre-reinforced cementitious mortars containing stiff steel fibres. They are used to strengthen concrete structures and the extrados of compact floor slabs.


Mapefix Software Design

Mapefix Software Design is a calculation tool specifically developed to calculate the correct dimensions of an anchor using Mapefix resins in compliance with current European standards.



Mapei APP

The world of Mapei in your hands. Find out more on Mapei from our products catalogue, and from the relevant technical documentation and videos. The grouts and sealants calculator allows you to estimate the correct quantity of product needed for your project.

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