Concrete and resin, between aesthetics and technique

The Mapei research and development laboratories have developed a series of systems for epoxy, polyurethane and cementitious floors which allow users to upgrade floors quickly and efficiently to match their real use. Our proposals are also certified according to the most severe standards and are widely used in numerous sectors of industry such as the food and chemical-pharmaceuticals industries, in contemporary surroundings, places of artistic interest, open offices and in industrial, civil and commercial settings

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N° 101 - 4/26/2024

Numerous projects in Serbia were recently completed with innovative and sustainable technologies by Mapei. Among them one finds the Green Heart business center in Belgrade, the Chinese Cultural…



N° 101 - 4/18/2024

Mapei resin floors are ideal for industrial environments. Thanks to their ability to be laid even on "green concrete" and their resistance over time, they offer rapid and long-lasting installation,…



N° 96 - 5/9/2023

The British architect, renown for sober and innovative architecture, was awarded the prestigious prize for 2023


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