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2021. Growing together, sustainably


In 2021 our Group registered a turnover of more than Euro 3 billion for the first time.
A very important result, the result of teamwork at a global level – with all regions reporting similar double-digit growth – and the desire to keep looking forward and invest, even in such difficult times.
The increases in the cost of raw materials, energy and transport, and the problems we are facing with the availability of supplies, have put our sector under severe strain in a moment of great demand from the market.
The solidity and flexibility of the Mapei Group, sustained by the continuity of our strategy of internationalisation and specialisation, have enabled us to respond quickly to these unforeseen events and adapt to new scenarios, while maintaining, at all times, the high quality of our products and solutions.
Over the course of 2021 our Group invested heavily, acquiring tangible assets for a value of Euro 100 million and completing the acquisition of the French Group, Resipoly Chrysor, and its subsidiary, Eurosyntec.
The revamp and extension of existing facilities, and the commissioning of new facilities, have enabled us to respond to the needs of local markets and to manufacture more sustainably thanks to our proximity with clients and suppliers.
Thanks to the contribution of our 32 research laboratories, we were able to assess and qualify new raw materials to overcome a shortfall in the availability of those we normally purchase, or due to the difficulties with their acquisition, in order to guarantee continuity in the supply of clients.
In 2021 turnover reached Euro 3,263.8 million, an increase of 17.8% with respect to 2020 (+19.3% if the negative influence of exchange rates is taken out of the equation). This increase regarded all regions, and particularly Italy, Africa, Latin America and Asia. Net profit for the year was Euro 185.0 million compared to Euro 179.7 million in 2020.

It is always important to remember, however, that behind all the activities and successes of the wonderful “Mapei Family”, there are the people that work, day in and day out, with passion and dedication, thanks to whom the company today stands out on the market for its quality and expertise.
In 2021, with production activities picking up and returning to normal, we continued investing in new talent and today the team has more than 11,000 members around the world.
Our attention to people and their professional growth are central to the Group’s corporate philosophy. Which is why, as soon as it became possible, we gave everyone the chance to return to work in complete tranquillity and in compliance with safety measures due to the health emergency, along with partially continuing with smart-working, while training activities at our various branches were resumed.
In response to the urgent need to care for our Planet’s natural resources, we are continuing to put our capacity to innovate at the service of the building sector to make it increasingly sustainable. With a view to promoting a circular economy, we have set ourselves the objective to recover or recycle waste from products and to contain consumption of virgin raw materials entering our facilities by using, for example, secondary raw materials, cements with low emission of CO2 and recycled plastic for packaging.
Evidence of this commitment can be seen, as in previous years, in our Sustainability Report. For the first time ever it will also be extended to include all our European subsidiaries, to arrive next year at involving the entire Group.
The Mapei Group is coming out from these difficult two years even stronger and more structured than before, because we understand the importance of “team effort” when faced with adversities and changing scenarios, and of welcoming the opportunities offered by the market with courage and vision. We aim at a responsible and sustainable growth, with our minds focused on the future of the planet, the communities in which we operate and the future generations.

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