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2022. Building a present, designed to have a future


In 2022 we celebrated 85 years of our company’s story.
A story that started on the outskirts of Milan when Rodolfo Squinzi decided to found a company supplying materials for the building sector: Mapei, marking the start of a journey that would lead to our Group, also thanks to the vision and entrepreneurial audacity of Giorgio Squinzi, becoming an international reality, a champion of Italian excellence all around the world.
Eighty five years later the Mapei figures tell the story of its evolution: three generations of entrepreneurs, 102 subsidiaries located throughout 57 countries, 90 manufacturing sites operating in 35 countries and more than 11,900 employees.
Ours is a truly solid Group, always looking to the future, guided by a balanced strategy of organic growth and through targeted acquisitions which, in 2022, enabled us to achieve a consolidated turnover of 3,977 million Euros, an increase of 21.9 % against 2021, and a homogeneous, double-figure growth all around the world, particularly North America, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.
In spite of the difficulties and uncertainties of the global market, over the course of the year we have continued to believe in ourselves and to invest in revamping our existing plants and commissioning new ones to meet the needs of local markets. In 2022 the Group acquired fixed assets for a value of more than 152 million Euros, an increase of 50% on the previous year’s figure. Around one half of the investments was focused on developing North America, a market which, with a turnover of 1.2 billion Euros, is second only to Europe, while the remainder was used to strengthen Mapei’s position in Europe, Africa, India and China, in line with that strategy of internationalisation that has always characterised our company.
Also in 2022 we made the most of opportunities offered by the market and extended our portfolio of products and systems for the construction industry by acquiring Profilpas, an Italian group, specialised in technical profiles, skirting, shower systems, spacers and levelling systems for floor and wall coverings, with manufacturing facilities in Italy and Poland and commercial branches in many other European countries.

Ours is a company with a high level of innovation that believes in responsible growth, to the benefit of people and with respect for the Planet. Every day in our research laboratories we study cutting-edge solutions to reduce the environmental impact of the Group’s activities and to spread a culture of quality building that remains durable over time.
Eleven years ago Mapei was the first company from the sector to introduce fully offset CO2 emissions for the cementitious ceramic tiling adhesive, Keraflex Maxi S1 Zero, calculated throughout its entire life cycle, through the acquisition of certified environmental credits for renewable energy and reforestation projects. In 2022 a grouting mortar was added: Ultracolor Plus, with an initiative launched on the Italian market and then quickly extended to all our subsidiaries around the world, continuing along a virtuous journey that will involve even more products.
For Mapei growth means investing responsibly: embracing the circular economy, caring about the wellbeing of people, the importance of social inclusion and adopting technologies that improve the quality of life. Training, growth and meritocracy are all part of our way of doing business, all around the world, and are the levers that have enabled us, this year just like before, to attract talent, to help our people grow, and to have a great family of almost twelve thousand members.
We also bring added value to the communities in which we operate and in 2022 the Group funded projects in the world of culture, sports and social development, always selecting initiatives in line with our values and our passions. And it is precisely the passion for our work that drives us to never stop, to never rest on our laurels and to always think of the next step

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