The pre-blended, high performance mortar for installing stone paving open to vehicles.

MAPESTONE TFB 60 is the mortar recommended for installing slabs of natural stone Sanpietrini cobblestones, stone cubes, smolleri bricks, blocks of stone, prefabricated elements, self-blocking stone and thick porcelain with low impact on the environment for paving in piazzas and carparks, on roads and pavements and at roundabouts.

 It is used to install paving elements with an even or irregular thickness and particularly thick and/or trapezoidal shaped elements on compact installation beds, recommended by UNI 11714-1:2018 for classes P4, P5, P6, P7 and P8 and prescribed by the same standard for class P9.

 Used to install highly durable paving in areas that may get saturated or that are exposed to freeze/thaw cycles where de-icing salts and seawater are present (exposure classes XF4 and XS3 according to EN 206).

 The Mapestone Line is the line of Mapei solutions created and developed for creating high performance, durable, decorative stone paving, including paving subjected to heavy traffic conditions, which is compliant with current standards and has aesthetic qualities which make it suitable for use in old town and city centres of historical and artistic interest and with all types of stone paving.


  • Complies with UNI 11714-1 standards
  • Resistant to freezing weather, de-icing salts, acid, sea-spray and high temperature variations
  • For EN 206 exposure classes XF4 and XS3
  • ideal for vehicle traffic, including intense, heavy traffic
  • Durable and strong
  • Complete sistem with the installation of products of the Mapestone PFS range
  • Quick setting and quickly ready for use
  • Maximum practicality: pre-blended, ready-to-use product. Just add water and mix with a power mixer for 3 minutes.

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