Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) flooring offers a versatile solution for residential interiors, blending aesthetics with durability. In a private home in Northern Germany, a Mapei system ensured reliable installation of LVT floors in many different rooms
Choosing LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) flooring in private homes is becoming more and more common thanks also to the wide range of finishes available on the market that create the effect of other materials, such as stone, cement or wood. The availability of different formats also encourages the use of this type of material to create surfaces with a high aesthetic impact while, at the same time, being functional and practical and offering high-performance characteristics.
For residential settings LVT offers numerous solutions and allows homeowners and designers the chance to express their creativity to the full, while at the same time guaranteeing excellent performance in terms of resistance and durability.
LVT flooring was installed in the lounge, study, kitchen, corridors, on the stairs and in the bedrooms and toilettes of this private house by using a specific Mapei system.

A complete system

It is no coincidence that the owners of a detached house in Northern Germany decided to go with LVT flooring to create interiors characterised by creativity that would embody their own personal style.
This solution was, in fact, adopted for most of the rooms, with LVT flooring installed in the lounge, study, kitchen, corridors, on the stairs and in the bedrooms and toilettes.
The LVT protection layer at the top was 0.3 mm thick, particularly suitable for residential use, with a wood-effect finish to give the various rooms a sensation of warmth and comfort.
In this project, the main challenge was the need to cut some sections of flooring directly on site prior to installation, particularly in correspondence with the areas where the various LVT elements cross one another. Mapei was able to propose a system that ensured installation of the LVT flooring would be reliable and durable.
The first phase of the work was to treat the substrates with ECO PRIM T PRO, a multi-purpose acrylic primer that can be applied on absorbent substrates and ceramic tiles. The next step was to apply ULTRAPLAN XTRA, ultra-fast drying self-levelling compound, to eliminate any differences in thickness and to make the substrates suitable to receive the LVT flooring after a very short time. 
Substrates were treated with ECO PRIM T PRO and levelled with ULTRAPLAN XTRA, ultra-fast drying self-levelling compound before bonding the LVT floors with ULTRABOND ECO V4 EVOLUTION.
On the upper floor, substrates consisting of OSB (Oriented Strand Board) panels were instead levelled with PLANITEX FAST, a product distributed on the German market by Mapei GmbH. 
The LVT flooring was then bonded with ULTRABOND ECO V4 EVOLUTION, a universal adhesive with fast, high initial tack and extended open time. Thanks to its characteristics it is suitable for installing LVT modular elements and mosaics. Apart from being very easy to apply, it guarantees excellent adhesion, good dimensional stability and high mechanical characteristics, including in areas exposed to castor wheels according to European standard EN 12529.
This complete system by Mapei enabled flooring to be installed to perfection in all the rooms in the house, including in the kitchen where surfaces in LVT are easy to clean and take care of, and in the toilettes, for which LVT with a faux-ceramic effect was chosen.
What is more, the system proposed by Mapei is a sustainable solution because all the products used have very low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and are certified, therefore, EMICODE EC1Plus by GEV, the German Association for installation materials with controlled emissions, as well as carrying the Blauer Engel mark, an eco-sustainability symbol widely used in Germany.

Project information

Private residence, Heede (Germany)
Period of construction: 2023
Period of the Mapei intervention: April-May 2023
Intervention by Mapei: supplying products for preparing substrates and installing LVT floors 
Installation company: ACH-BodenTechnik
Mapei coordinator: Kevin Wiese, Mapei GmbH (Germany)
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