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N° 80 - 7/1/2020

The best performing concrete available and total waterproofing: this infrastructure designed by Stefano Boeri is now more than just a stopping-off point.

#Admixtures for concrete #mixdesign #infrastructures


N° 80 - 6/9/2020

A new retail hub now connects three of the four airport terminals together and includes hotels, a shopping centre and a garden with a 40 m high waterfall.

#infrastructures #ceramics


N° 80 - 6/24/2020

An important underground infrastructure project has been completed to the full satisfaction of the client using Mapei products for underground constructions.

#infrastructures #UTT


N° 79 - 3/4/2020

Marco and Veronica Squinzi remembers Adriana Spazzoli.


N° 79 - 3/4/2020

From publishing to advertising, from trade fairs to sponsorship deals: the long career of Adriana Spazzoli characterised by her creativity.


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