EPOJET (에포젯)

EPOJET (에포젯)

Two-component, super-fluid epoxy resin for injections and anchorings.
Mixing ratio: comp. A : comp. B = 4 : 1.
Pot life of mix: 40 minutes (at +23°C).
Classification: EN 1504-5 and EN 1504-6.
Storage: 24 months.
Application: injection or pouring.
– sealing cracks: 1.1 kg/l of cavities to be filled;
– bonding concrete to steel: 1.1 kg/m² per mm of thickness.
2.5 kg kits:
– 2 kg drums (comp. A);
– 0.5 kg bottles (comp. B).
4 kg kits:
– 3.2 kg drums (comp. A);
– 0.8 kg bottles (comp. B).

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"최신 프로젝트" EPOJET (에포젯)

EPOJET (에포젯) "제품 라인의 일부 입니다."

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