Brussels University Hospital

Location icon Bruxelles, Belgium
"참조 #": 6104


"Yard" Flat carbon reinforcement work
"Location" Bruxelles, Belgium
"Subcategory" HOSPITAL
"Application" Flat carbon reinforcement work
Increase the resistance of the structure in question to overloads not originally foreseen (change of use, installation of a new machine with significant weight) Mapei products used: - Mapewrap 31, Epoxy resin for MapeWrap system - Mapewrap C Fiocco, Carbon fibre anchor rods - Carboplate, Epoxy resin impregnated carbon fibre pultruded strips (without plastic film in Switzerland)
"Start and finish date" 2020
"Application Type" Structural reinforcement
"Contractor company" GCBTP
"Installer companies" SPID Travaux spéciaux
"Architects" PRATEC
"Credits" SPID GCBTP

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