Hamburg Airport

Location icon Amburgo, Germany
"참조 #": 3615


"Yard" New flooring
"Location" Amburgo, Germany
"Subcategory" AIRPORT
"시공 시기" 2004
"오픈 시기" 2005
"Application" Granite installation
"Application Type" Flooring
"Contractor company" Hamburg Airport GmbH
"Installer companies" ARGE Natursteinarbeiten; Billen GmbH; Zeiden & Wimmel
"Architects" Von Gerkan, Marg and Partner
"MAPEI Distributor" Billen GmbH
Project Manager CBP

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Special quick-setting and drying (24 hours), controlled-shrinkage hydraulic…
Primer MF(프라이머 MF)<br>
Primer MF(프라이머 MF)<br>
Two-component, solvent-free epoxy primer used as bonding promoter for products…

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