Grand Hotel Gallia Milano Marittima

Location icon Milano Marittima, Italy
"참조 #": 6166


"Yard" Hotel
"Location" Milano Marittima, Italy
"Subcategory" HOTEL/INN
"Application" Supply of products for ceramic flooring and wood flooring
"Start and finish date" 2020
"Application Type" Flooring
"Owner" Batani Select Hotel
"Contractor company" Italy Professional Parquet
"Installer companies" F.lli Pedrelli Cesenatico
"Architects" Studio Arkigeo
"MAPEI Distributor" Faro Cesenatico
"Credits" Giulio Semprini
Project Manager Massimo Casadei
"마페이 조정" Fabio Costanza

"프로젝트에 사용 된 제품 "

Two-component, flexible cementitious mortar for waterproofing balconies,…
ULTRABOND P902 2K (울트라본드 P902 2K)
ULTRABOND P902 2K (울트라본드 P902 2K)
Two-component, epoxy-polyurethane adhesive for bonding all types and sizes of…
ULTRACOLOR PLUS<br>(울트라칼라 플러스)
ULTRACOLOR PLUS<br>(울트라칼라 플러스)
Ultracolor Plus (울트라칼라 플러스) 발수성, 곰팡이 저항성 우수 빠른 경화 및 건조 2~20 mm 조인트 용 고성능 줄눈재 용도…
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