Construction of the new MUDAC Museum, (Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts)

Location icon Lausanne, Switzerland
"참조 #": 4610


"Yard" new floor coverings
"Location" Lausanne, Switzerland
"Subcategory" MUSEUM
"Application" New floor coverings with Ultratop White were installed.
"Start and finish date" 2019/2021
"Application Type" Flooring
"Contractor company" Ittlen+Brechbühl SA, Lasuanne
"Installer companies" Balzan & Immer SA, Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne
"Architects" Aires Mateus & Associados, Lisbonne
"Project Manager" l’Etat de Vaud (DFIRE)
"마페이 조정" Laurent Guillet

"프로젝트에 사용 된 제품 "

ULTRATOP <br>(울트라탑)
ULTRATOP <br>(울트라탑)
5~40 mm 두께용 초속경 자동수평몰탈 용도 Ultratop은 공공 건물 및 산업용 건물 내부에 이미 타설되어있는 콘크리트나 신설 콘크리트…

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