Ermel-Vojnits mauzóleum

Location icon Bonyhád, Hungary
"참조 #": 642023


"Yard" cement-free wall drying plaster system
"Location" Bonyhád, Hungary
"Subcategory" MONUMENT
"Application" After knocking down the existing plaster and scraping out the joints, the specialists applied Mapei's cement-free wall drying and renovation plaster system with manual application on the surface under the first dividing ledge.
"Start and finish date" 2021/2022
"Application Type" Masonry restoration
"Contractor company" Bonycom Kft.
"Installer companies" Szászépterv Mérnökiroda Kft.
"MAPEI Distributor" Beatis 2002 Kft.
"마페이 조정" Mándity Zoltán

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