Pirelli Skyscraper

Location icon Milano, Italy
"참조 #": 3364


"Yard" sede il Consiglio regionale della Lombardia
"Location" Milano, Italy
"Subcategory" OFFICES
"시공 시기" 1956
"오픈 시기" 1960
"Application" repairing the façade’s glass mosaic coverings, remaking the external pavements laying the internal floors and consolidating the concrete structures
"Start and finish date" 2002/2005
"Application Type" Concrete restoration
"Owner" Regione Lombardia
"Contractor company" Grassi & Crespi Srl. e Marcora Srl; Eleca
"Installer companies" Biesse, Milano; Liuni, Milano
"Architects" Giò Ponti
"MAPEI Distributor" Biesse, Liuni
"Credits" Gianni Dal Magro, Massimiliano Nicastro - Mapei SpA
"마페이 조정" Andrea Aliverti,Tiziano Cerulli, Luigi Coppola, Fulvio Bianchi, Paolo Giglio, Massimiliano Nicastro e Matteo Venturini.

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